Past Youth Competition

The 19th KMA Youth Music E-Competition (2020)

Grand Prize Winner: Jessica Na, Violin

Senior Division: 1st: Connor Yoon, Piano, 2nd: Jean Yu, Cello, Anna Jun, Violin

Honorable Mentions: Kenny Kim, Clarinet, Brandon Yeo , Isabella Lee Syverson

Junior Division: 1st: Jinan Laurentia Woo, Violin, 2nd: Jaeho Lee

Honorable Mention: Caitlin Kong

The 18th Korean Music Association of WA Youth Music Competition (2019)

GRAND PRIZE: Lisa An, Violin

Senior Division: 1st: Abigail Lee, Cello, 2nd: Elizabeth Hwang, Piano

Honorable Mention: Christina Joo, Voice

Junior Division: 1st: Kyuhong Lee, Cello, 2nd: Hyunjae Kim, Piano

Honorable Mention: Hyun Yoon, Piano, Kaitlyn Gia Lee, Piano, Karis Kim, Violin

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