Video Guidelines

Please read the rules for the video below:

  1. Eligible entrants should start the video by introducing his/her name and the repertoire.
  2. Please include: Your Name / Title of the Piece / Composer on YouTube title
  3. Do NOT privatize the YouTube videos. Make sure they are “unlisted”.
  4. Editing is not permitted. No sound enhancements are allowed. You can, however, record each piece or movement separately.
  5. The video quality should be 1080p HD or above.
  6. Participants need to perform with a piano accompaniment except unaccompanied music is performed. If you are not able to record with live accompaniment due to COVID-19, you can use pre-recorded piano accompaniment. (No synthesized orchestras permitted)
  7. Use a fixed point of view for your camera and leave the camera in one location.
  8. For violinists, adjudicators prefer to have the camera set up a little further away from the performer so they can see your whole stance. Your f-holes of your instrument (not the scroll of your violin) should be parallel to the camera.
  9. For pianists, the camera position should capture the entire keyboard from the right side (audience side). Position the camera higher than the keyboard for a good view of entire keyboard.
  10. For singers, frame your face and body: Panels must be able to see your expressions to properly adjudicate your work.
  11. Dress appropriately as you would for a live audition.
  12. NOTE: Winner’s video will be posted on KMA’s website.

See below for PayPal information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Joohee Hong at

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